Reservations and rental rates

The rental is open from June to September.
Please refer to the calendar for availability.

THE RENTAL IS OPEN from JUNE 16th 2020 until SEPTEMBER 15th 2020.

Please contact us to find out more about availability.

The rental includes :

  • Linens
  • Maid service
High season
  • 15 July - 15 August
  • (Included tourist tax, cleaning and linens)
per week
for 15 days
Average season
  • 15th June - 15th July
  • 15th August - 15th September
per week
for 15 days

Deposit and advance payment

During a holiday rental, the difference between deposit ("arrhes" in french) and advance payment ("acompte") is VERY important
Out of respect for the tenants, we opted for the deposit, which is refundable with certain clauses, while an advance payment isn't.
No one is immune to the imponderables of life.
The contract states: :

« Any cancellation must be notified 1 month before the scheduled rental start date by ordinary post; after this deadline, the cancellation will be notified by registered post. If the tenant cancels this contract less than 2 months before the rental start date, the booking deposit will not be refunded. If the owner or his representative cancels this contract, he will return to the tenant double the amount of the deposit received. »

« Toute annulation doit être notifiée 1 mois ferme avant la date d'entrée prévue par lettre ordinaire; passé ce délai, l'annulation sera annoncée par lettre recommandée. Si le locataire annule ce contrat dans les 2 mois qui précèdent, les arrhes seront considérées comme dédit (non remboursées). Si le propriétaire ou son représentant annule ce contrat, celui-ci restituera au locataire le double du montant des arrhes perçues. »

In the case of an advance payment, the tenant is NEVER refunded in case of cancellation; in addition, the amount of the rent is to be paid 1 month before arrival, and no refund is possible.

« The payment of an advance payment definitely commits owner and tenant. If the tenant cancels his reservation, he will be obliged to pay the rent to the owner, as well as damages if the the owner requests it, unless the cancellation is considered force majeure, specified in the rental agreement. »

« Le versement d'un acompte engage définitivement propriétaire et vacancier. Si le vacancier annule sa réservation, il se verra dans l'obligation de payer la totalité du loyer au propriétaire, ainsi que des dommages et intérêts si le propriétaire en fait la demande, à moins que l'annulation ne soit considérée comme cas de force majeure, spécifié dans le contrat de location. »